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Nanjing Agrochemical Co., Ltd (NAC), a professional supplier of agrochemicals for more than 14 years, exports near 20 million US dollars annually to different countries in Southeast Asia, South America, mid-east, Africa and Europe. NACĀ  is well known and close to the major pesticide producers in Jiangsu province due to its experience of government background.

NAC has its own lab with GC, HPLC and other facilities for recipe development and quality control. The great team of chemists and agronomists devote to the latest technology and development with the help from different pesticide research institutes.

NAC is ready to supply full data package including 5 batch analysis and toxicology studies for registrations in different countries.

NAC invests in two major producers of Carbamate insecticides and Trizoles fungicides so as to keep competitive in the market.